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Sahajan Brightening Mask

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Mask your way to glowing skin with this Ayurvedic blend of botanicals. With potent natural and amino acid rich ingredients to help balance, tone and nourish the skin and AHAs to gently exfoliate, that coveted dewy glow is yours.

For all Skin Types.

Key Ingredients:

  • Turmeric- rich in antioxidants and dry skin soothing compounds, applied topically, it helps to improve the look of surface redness and brighten the skin.
  • Hemp Seed Oil- nourishing and amino acid rich, it helps soothe dryness, relieve redness and impart a glow.
  • The acids from Orange, Lemon, and Bilberry - each act to provide natural exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, resulting in a more even-looking skin tone.