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Mai Lin Best Mom Ever

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Mom will appreciate wearing this bracelet with a daily reminder from you of how special she is. It's like a hug for mom, every day, no matter how far apart you are.

Mai Lin Jewelry makes dainty silk bracelets. The reminder bracelet – Mai Lin Jewelry’s signature bracelet - was modeled after the ‘string around your finger’ that you tie on to remind you of something important.

The reminder bracelet ties on the wrist with a double knot and stays fastened for every adventure that life has to offer. Made with 100% silk, the reminder bracelet is strong, durable, comfortable, and easy to wear.

* Dainty
* Can be worn alone or paired with your favourite jewelry
* 100% Silk
* Made with one pink sunstone, moonstone, pearl, and gold filled bead.
* Each Bracelet Measures 9.5 Inches in Length
* Ties on with a double knot and stays fastened to your wrist

Available with 24K gold plated or sterling silver beads
Silk Cord Colour Options: Light Pink/ Grey/ Walnut/ Black/ Light Blue