Healthy Holiday Habits

Healthy Holiday Habits

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…or is it?! I recently heard on a podcast (and loved it), that it’s not the “most wonderful” time of the year, it’s the “MOST” time of the year. December is a heightened month that, for many, can bring with it many social, emotional, psychological and physical challenges. Here are a few tips to help you get through this “MOST” time of the year, and keep your well-being intact.

Food - There is so much over-indulgence surrounding the holiday season that can be difficult for some. A great way to keep your diet balanced is to portion your plate into ½ greens, ¼ protein and ¼ “healthy” carb (ie, brown rice). This strategy balances the healthiest options as the main portion of your meal. If you go for seconds, keep the same potions to ensure you are getting most full on the healthiest foods. I always suggest a good multi-vitamin this time of year like Women’s Nutrients or Men’s Nutrients by PURE to address any deficiencies that could be occurring with a diet that is more irregular than usual.

Alcohol - December is full of celebrations, and those celebrations can often be centered around alcohol. This doesn’t have to be the case! I know it’s not a popular suggestion, but abstaining can be an option if you really want to feel optimal, as well as being sure to have 2 glasses of water after each drink. Not only does this strategy slow down your drinking pace, it helps prevent the dehydration that alcohol causes in the body. I also highly recommend Liver Detox Enhance by Seroyal to help your Liver manage and process excess alcohol.

Sleep - Seasonal parties can lead to many late nights socializing. Lack of sleep is detrimental not only to our mental wellbeing but also our immune systems. In order to get the most restful sleep this time of year, I rely on Sleep Gummies by Seroyal to provide a deep sleep. These littles gems are made of L-theanine and Lemon Balm which help you fall into REM sleep faster.

Family - Familial dynamics can often feel heightened this time of year. For many of us it’s A LOT of family time, as kids are out of school for 2 full weeks. My suggestions here are to schedule time for yourself in a 3:1 ratio. For example, if you have a family dinner that is 3 hours in length be sure to plan in 1 hour of solo time for a walk, exercise, or even a nap! I love the 3:1 principle as it gives your nervous system a chance to rebalance. 

Immune - With the busyness of the season, the immune system can take a real hit. Many folks’ systems power through the holidays and then crash in January when their cortisol and adrenaline drop. My favorite supplements to help keep the immune system functioning optimally are Innate Immune by PURE, Vitamin D3 1000 by Genestra, Bee Keepers Throat Spray (Beekeeper Naturals), and HMF Immune by Genestra. All can be combined to use together for increased benefits!

Wishing you all a happy and healy holiday time ahead! Also sending best wishes for 2024!

Be well,

Dr. Kate Hunter, ND