How do Practitioners Care for Themselves?

How do Practitioners Care for Themselves?

I get asked a lot of questions in practice and one that I tend to avoid answering is “what do you take for supplements?”

I usually don’t answer this since everyone is different and there is no one single healthy way to be, but I would like to expand on this topic – what do health professionals do to keep themselves healthy? 

Here are my go-to supplements that I take daily (about 8 pills per day), and the rationale of why I choose this protocol for myself.

HMF Intensive – I have been on a probiotic for years as I used to have Crohn’s disease in my early 20’s. Improving and supplementing for a healthy microbiome is something that I find beneficial to regulate my bowel movements and the inflammatory processes in my body.

Adreno Calm – I take this stress supportive supplement that consists of Ashwagandha and L-theanine to help manage my stress hormones. I support this because my life is very busy and when I take it I feel more capable and less reactive to daily situations.

Liv Complex – This liver balancing and supportive supplement helps with hormone conversion and toxicity processing (yes, that glass of red wine!). I feel less sluggish when I take it and like my body processes better.

Pure Tranquility – This mix of Gaba and L-theanine helps me to fall asleep and STAY asleep through the night. One of my fears in life is being tired and not giving patients my all, so I really prioritize sleep and this supplements that increases the quality. 

PMS Support + DIM – This supplement helps regulate my cycles post-kids since it is common for cycles to become heavier after childbirth. This helps lessen the severity of PMS symptoms and cycle heaviness, which helps me sustain my energy.

I also get asked frequently if there is a need for supplement support or if one's body can get what it needs from food? To this I say that ideally you can get your nutrients from food but not necessarily if you have systems that are compromised or under functioning. This is why I choose to support my gut health, stress health and hormones with supplements, as I feel they need support to function optimally.

Wishing you all a healthy and supported month ahead!

Dr. Kate Hunter, ND