How to Boost Your Immune System

How to Boost Your Immune System

Happy Spring!

It seems that most people are ringing in the warmer weather with COVID. We have had it as a family and know numerous others that seemed to have contracted it in this sixth wave of the virus. As most people have varying symptoms from severe flu-like symptoms to none at all, I want to offer some immune system support advice. These are the things that we have done as a family to get over the infection and also what I tell my patients to do who are having lasting symptoms.

Good probiotic – I recommend the HMF line by Seroyal. This provides the system with beneficial bacteria and prebiotics to fight the bad bugs in the system. The stronger the gut microbiome is, the stronger the immune system is to neutralize pathogens.

Echinacea or Oil of Oregano – these immune boosters help your system to battle any invading virus. The way to use them is for 14 days on and then take a break to let your system acclimatize.

Vitamin D – this super vitamin has beneficial effects on the immune system, especially during winter while we are mostly deficient. There has been much evidence that Vitamin D can lessen the effects of the COVID infection on the system too. So load up!

Turkey Tail Mushroom – this super adaptogenic mushroom is the ultimate immune booster! It scavenges free radicals and helps the system with cellular detoxifying.

Pulmo-gen – this lung rejuvenating remedy helps with the long term effects that COVID seems to have on some people’s lungs. It helps with mucous membrane health and that long lasting need to clear your throat!

With all immune recommendations, the most important and it should go without saying is REST! This virus is the real deal and can make even the healthiest of us feel really under the weather. Keep your fluids up - minimum of 2L per day and this doesn’t include coffee or tea! Wishing you all a healthy spring and hope that the sixth wave doesn’t get you!

Be well,

Dr. Kate Hunter, ND