Seasonal Allergy Support (By: Dr. Emily Gale, ND)

Seasonal Allergy Support (By: Dr. Emily Gale, ND)

As the seasons shift, many are noticing the uncomfortable symptoms of seasonal allergies. One of the cornerstones of naturopathic treatment for allergies is identifying and addressing underlying imbalances in the body. This often involves supporting the immune system, which plays a central role in allergic reactions. Supplements such as quercetin, vitamin C, probiotics, and stinging nettle can help modulate the immune response and reduce inflammation, providing relief from symptoms like sneezing, itching, and congestion.

In addition to supplements, lifestyle modifications can play a crucial role in managing seasonal allergies. Avoiding known allergens, such as pollen and mold, is key. This may involve staying indoors during peak pollen times, using air purifiers, and keeping windows closed. Nasal irrigation with saline solution can help clear nasal passages and remove allergens, while practices like yoga and meditation can help reduce stress, which can exacerbate allergic reactions.

Quercetin - A flavonoid found in many fruits and vegetables, acts as a natural antihistamine, helping to stabilize mast cells and prevent the release of histamine. 

Vitamin C - Known for its immune-boosting properties, can also help reduce histamine levels and alleviate allergic symptoms. 

Probiotics - Support a healthy gut microbiome to modulate immune functioning and mucous membrane health.

Stinging Nettle - A plant with a long history of use in traditional medicine, contains compounds that inhibit the body's production of inflammatory substances, offering relief from nasal congestion and itching.

If you’re curious what support your body needs to tackle those pesky seasonal allergy symptoms - book in a 15 minute complimentary discover call so we can get started on tailored plan to provide you with allergy relief today!

Dr. Emily Gale, ND