Self-Care Tips with Jenany

Self-Care Tips with Jenany

With the onset of the Winter months, self-care becomes even more important to our overall wellbeing. From a Psychotherapy perspective, there are lots of simple strategies that we can implement daily that are quick and easy! Here are some that I often use, and find extremely helpful in my day-to-day life. My hope is that some of these strategies spark enough of an interest in you that you might want to give them a try!

1. "Willing Hands": Sit in a comfortable position, and place your hands palms-up on your knees. This simple posture can create a powerful shift in your state of being and help create an openness within.

2. "The Half Smile": This DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) strategy is so powerful in creating a positive mental state. Simply upturn the corners of your mouth -- it doesn't need to be a forced or fake smile. Notice how different you can feel from such a simple action!

3. Notice your breath: Simply observe, without judgement or trying to make any alterations. This is one of my most favourite go-to's throughout the day to stay anchored in the present moment.

4. Simple acts of self-care: I've learned that I can engage in self-care in small ways each day, quickly and easily. I always start with the basics -- keeping myself hydrated and nourished. I also recommend a quick get-up-and-stretch, getting some fresh air, connecting with someone I love and giving them my undivided attention, a quick body scan, putting down my phone, and, of course, rest.

What are your favourite ways to care for yourself?

Jenany Jeyarajan, RSW