Supporting Summer Skin Health

Supporting Summer Skin Health

With the Summer heat wave upon us, I have been receiving many questions about skincare, specifically with regards to Summer weather. We carry 5 different skincare lines in store that support a wide variety of skin concerns, different skin types and issues, however there are there a few great habits (outside of topical skincare) that can improve skin health and skin drainage (think: getting the toxins out easier!):

  1. LIVER & GUT HEALTH - All skin issues root back to the Liver and the gut. If you are experiencing blemishes/rashes, that means the Liver being ‘lazy’ and trying to push toxins and hormones through the skin, rather than releasing them through the bowels. My favorite Liver support supplement is Liv Complex (Genestra) as it helps the Liver increase overall efficiency. My preference for gut support is the HMF line (Genestra) which rebuilds the healthy microbiome in order to process and excrete toxins properly.
  2. HYDRATION - Your skin’s health is hugely reflective of your H2O intake. We need to consume about eight 8oz glasses of water per day to maintain proper bodily function, but in the summer heat this needs to be even higher! I usually tell patients to aim for 2L-3L per day, and to include an electrolyte powder on the hotter days or days with exercise. There are many great electrolytes out there such as LMNT, Organika and Designs for Health if you are looking for a high-grade nutraceutical option.
  3. MOISTURIZE - Many people think that with the extra heat and moisture in the air in the summer, they don’t need to moisturize their skin topically - untrue! It is even more important to moisturize in the summer to help keep the integrity of the skin barrier and nourish the skin. We carry many different moisturizers here at the store, but my favorites are Consonant’s Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream and Skin Frequency’s Warmth Balm (which also acts as a light sunscreen!).
  4. AVOID DAMP FOODS - In Traditional Chinese Medicine, consuming damp foods negatively affects the skin as far as blemishes, complexion and premature aging. Most damp foods are common allergens to the system that disrupt the gut. Here is the list of damp foods to avoid;
  • Dairy
  • Gluten and wheat-containing foods (bread, pasta, pastries)
  • Sweet or high-water content fruits and vegetables like watermelon, pineapple and cucumber
  • Sugar and sweeteners
  • Eggs and pork
  • Soy products
  • Slimy foods such as okra and linseeds, chia seeds
  • Mushrooms
  • Alcohol

Wishing you all a safe and happy start to your summer! If you have questions about skincare, reach out to us at any time or book yourself a facial reflexology appointment with our therapist Andrea Fairborn, who truly works skin magic!

Be well,

Dr. Kate Hunter, ND