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Crowfoot Collective Protect Candle

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Hand poured soy and coconut wax candles, with a very special addition, local Vancouver Island Beeswax. Poured in a reusable glass vessel. Hand blended Scents, Inspired by the secret and sacred places hidden for thousands of years on Vancouver Island.

All fire is sacred, but these are especially so.

The Protect Candle is inspired by st̕éy̕əs, which is the SENĆOŦEN name for Pender Island. We were inspired while spending the night in an actual Treehouse on North Pender Island. Built 40 feet up in the air, in a towering Cedar Tree, we were surrounded by nothing but waving branches, ravens, sea air, and the deep, profound history of this ancient place. That night our lives were changed forever. Chief Crowfoot came to me in a vision, and told me that I was pregnant. He told me he would protect my son.

This incredible Protect Candle was inspired by our Ancestors.
Call on your Ancestors and ask for their Protection with this Powerful Candle. They are waiting for you.

We have used a blend of Plant Allies and Gemstones to create a beautiful and powerful Ritual candle. Burn it anytime you wish to have your ancestors around you, as it will help you to connect.

For this beautiful candle, we blended together the essences of Charred Red Cedar, Tobacco Flower, Wild Vanilla Leaf and Blackberry. To this we added notes of Honey Absolute and Amber resins. The deep and complex smell is perfectly balanced and completely unisex. The deep and smokey Cedar leads you into soft, creamy notes of blackberry and honey.

For our Protection Candle, locally grown Red Cedar, Sage, Mugwort, Tobacco and Vanilla Leaf are carefully harvested by hand, using traditional knowledge and the Lunar Cycles to ensure the potency of the plants are at their peak. Only fallen Cedar boughs are collected, and the Plants and Botanicals are carefully and selectively chosen, with thanks given to ensure that the Plant continues to flourish and thrive. This care and attention to Tradition means our candles are only offered in small batches and will be slightly different each time. We grow the Tobacco ourselves, in our garden. The Flowers are harvested according to Lunar Cycles, when their spectacular, sultry fragrance is at its zenith. Their scent is unmistakable. Hauntingly beautiful, and completely unique. We carefully tincture the sticky blooms and infuse them with jojoba oil to use in our Apothecary products. Tobacco is revered for its protective qualities and its ability to connect us to Spirit. We treat all of our plants, and especially Tobacco, with the utmost respect and care.

The hand gathered Herbs and Botanical Plant allies are alive with magic. Each one has a sacred spirit and graciously offers up its life to us. Hand Gathered Cedar for Purifying, healing and cleansing. Tobacco Flowers and Leaves to Connect you to yourself, your Ancestors, and Spirit. Vanilla Leaf is a beautiful Plant Ally, known for it’s gorgeous scent. Mugwort for clearing, strengthening and conserving your energy. She is known for her protective Spirit, and her ability to help call in your Ancestors.
Mugwort was traditionally burned on bonfires as a sacred offering, and she is known to increase visions and dream recall.

These beautiful hand poured soy candles help to clear and protect your energy and realign your vibrations. Each of these candles are handcrafted using essences of locally grown Plants and Botanicals. The Plants are locally distilled by hand to create Floral Waters and Essential Oils, which are mixed with a blend of organic, ethically sourced Essential Oils, Absolutes and Plant based Fragrances to create our beautiful candles. The Blends are carefully created with Plants selected for their specific healing properties, and are then infused with crystals to heal your soul, strengthen your connection to Self and Spirit, and manifest your desires and dreams.

The Gemstones we have chosen are incredibly powerful for Protection, not only of yourself but of your Space. Cleanse and Protect your energetic body, aura, and home with this Ritual Candle.

Black Tourmaline - The Stone of Protection

Black Tourmaline is a very powerful and protective stone. It is revered for its ability to absorb negative energy. It helps to purify and protect your aura by cleansing any negativity that comes from around you. Black Tourmaline has the amazing ability to dissolve ill wishes, bad intentions, and any negativity that comes your way from others.

Blue Kyanite Blades

Blue Kyanite is a powerful healing and balancing stone. It helps to protect and purify your energy by cleansing negativity, and will heal any holes or tears in your aura. Kyanite has a crisp, clear energy and will immediately cleanse, align and activate the chakras. It cleanses, calms, and balances your entire energy being, holding you in a protective bubble of positive energy.

10% of the proceeds from this Candle are donated to Indigenous Organizations