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The Apothecary Inc

Skin Frequency Alchemy Oil Cleanser + Moisturizer

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For all skin types

Light weight moisturizer and soothing cleansing oil
Reduces redness. Balances oily / dehydrated skin types

You are the alchemist. When you massage this oil into your skin while oil cleansing or giving yourself a mini facial massage, taking a moment to inhale the soft scents and feel the tension in your facial muscles relax and release with your touch you are transforming this oil into skin care gold. That is the power of your frequency.


Oil cleansing restores the acid mantel of the skin (our natural protective layer) that can become compromised with soapy alkaline products. Restoring the acid mantel alone can clear up many of the skin conditions that persist.


Jojoba***, Tamanu*,  Red Raspberry*, Seabuckthorn*, Carrot*, Frankincense*, Geranium*, Neroli Fleurs sur Petitgrain*, Honey Myrtle**

Biodynamic*** Wildcrafted** Organic*