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Ember Wellness Serum Bar

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Introducing the Serum Bar by Ember Wellness, an exciting new addition to our Sculpt & Glow, solid-beauty zero-waste series. This satiny-smooth solid serum bar serves as a deeply nourishing skin layer, providing all the benefits of its two active ingredients. 

An oil-soluble Vitamin C extract works as a skin brightener, increasing collagen synthesis and protecting against UVB radiation, promoting a clear, even skin tone. Acmella Flower is a natural muscle relaxant that minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. 

In tandem with the sculpting properties of its gua sha shape, the Serum Bar’s deeply hydrating serum replenishes and restores the skin’s radiance giving you a renewed and revitalized glow.

Scent-free, water-free, vegan and with no added colourants or fillers, the Serum Bar is the perfect all-natural addition to both morning and evening rituals.