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Skin Frequency Immortal – Retinol Alternative Serum

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For all skin types

Anti-Aging  Rejuvenating
Evens skin tone Brightening
Promotes Collagen

Vitamin C and Bakuchiol are the prefect team to transform your skin. Biodynamic Jojoba oil, red raspberry and rosehip sink in and feel like silk, working on every dermal level. Carrying with them a subtle scent and of organic, wildcrafted essential oils, boosting the healing and rejuvenating benefits.

Bakuchiol is considered a natural alternative to a retinoid, as it activates similar pathways in the skin. Bakuchiol is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Like retinol, it stimulates collagen. Unlike retinol, it does not act like a chemical exfoliant and doesn’t cause photosensitivity.


Jojoba***, Rosehip**, Red Raspberry*, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (oil-soluble Vitamin C), Bakuchiol, Immortelle**, Seabuckthorn*, Frankincense*, Palmarosa*, Manuka**, Turmeric*, Blood Orange*

Biodynamic*** Wildcrafted** Organic*